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Law - A Level


Law is continuously developing, influenced and changed by everyday events. This is an exciting and stimulating subject covering the operation of the British legal system. You will learn about the principles of lawmaking and dispute-solving as well as the basics of criminal liability and negligence. Every citizen should have a working knowledge of the law and how to exercise their rights. The study of law is for everyone, not just lawyers. This course will provide you with a knowledge and understanding of the main principles of English and Welsh law.


Grade 5 in a GCSE Humanities or Social Science subject


A-Level Law will provide you with an excellent grounding and head start to a Law degree. A qualifying Law degree (LLB) will enable you to progress to become a solicitor or barrister. If you do not wish to practice law you may be interested in careers in the police force, the court or prison service, or even other authorities such as social services.