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September 2024 Enrolment


Please visit our website where you will find a dedicated section on how to apply to our sixth form, including an online for to complete your application. Please ensure that you apply before the deadline to maximise your chance of securing a place at our sixth form.

Once you have applied, you will be sent information on a regular basis, which will keep you informed of the status of your application.

The deadline for applications is Friday 1st March 2024, so be sure to apply as early as you can in order to get your first choice of subjects.


Interviews will commence from March 2024

Sixth form interviews will be with a member of our sixth form team, to discuss your application. You will get the most out of these meetings if you have some ideas about what you plan to do after sixth form. We will want to get to know you as much as possible, so be prepared to sell yourself and explain what you can bring to the sixth form, as well as discussing your aspirations beyond school.


May 2024: Conditional Offer

We will write to you to confirm your place at The Sixth Form; however this will be conditional on you 

achieving certain grades in your GCSEs; including English and Maths.

June 2024: Sixth Form Induction

You will learn more about sixth form life and the subjects you will be studying. You will attend taster lessons and have the opportunity to get to know your fellow sixth formers.

Results Day and Sixth Form Enrolment:

GCSE Results Day Thursday 22nd August

Sixth Form Enrolment will start from Thursday 22nd


These meetings will be to discuss courses and pathways for sixth form.

The waiting is finally over and, all being well, you will achieve the grades you need for us to confirm your sixth form place. However, if you do not get the grades you need for your chosen pathway, you can arrange a time to meet with us to discuss your options. We will then support you with taking the steps required to secure an appropriate course and pathway.